Join us. Come Along. And let's get you farming!

Join us. Come Along. And let's get you farming!

Cultivate Farms
The Cultivator has been established to give hope to next-generation farmers that owning and running your farm is possible.

Everything is possible when you have to courage to step up and create your pitch and get in front of self-minded people to back you to your farming dreams. This is what we want everyone to realise when joining Cultivator.

We want you there!

Who should come along?
  1. Potential investors: particularly people interested in investing in farms within their community
  2. Retiring farmers: farmers who have been thinking about sharing ownership and are on the lookout for quality farmers
  3. Aspiring farmers: get inspired that you too can develop a pitch and fast track your farm ownership dreams
  4. Regional community champions: you can be your own farm matchmaker and inspire farmers in your region.

It is free to attend, but slots are limited. Book your seats now!l

Let's get you farming!

Here's to get more information and your slot as seats are limited!

Queensland Cultivate Farm Pitching Event

National Cultivate Farms Pitching Event