Investor Ready to Co-Farm with the Best Next Gen Farmer

Investor Ready to Co-Farm with the Best Next Gen Farmer

“We have a good understanding of what farm investors need to see from a pitching farmer to consider co-owning a farm with them.”


Bert Glover is the Managing Director of Impact Ag, a consultancy managing investment valued over $180million AUD. Impact Ag Partners deploy capital, formulate investment strategy, develop criteria, identify assets, due diligence and acquisition. They develop business strategies for farm operations and manage those farms utilizing leading practices whilst managing risk and resources.

 Bert and his team are one of five expert groups Cultivator participants will have access to over the six-month Cultivator experience. The ‘Bootcamp’ style learning will provide farmers with a pitch document, skills, resources and networks to successfully pitch to investors to co-own a farm with them.

“Investors are asking; ‘Is this person investable? Are their ideas and passion for farming credible’” says Bert.  


“Every Cultivator participant will hear about the key themes that make a ‘successful pitch’ to investors and we will be providing one on one coaching to help improve their chances of being matched with an investor.”


“The Cultivator experience is an intensive and focused time for aspiring farmers to work to develop the best pitch to attract the willing investor to co-own a farm,” says Sam Marwood, Managing Director Cultivate Farms. “We know the Cultivator model works. Giving farmers the right entrepreneurial skills ensures they overcome the barriers aspiring farmers face to access the funding to purchase their dream farm.


“Having experts in agricultural investments like Bert from Impact Ag gives aspiring farmers the skills, knowledge and networks to think like an entrepreneur and pitch their dream farm to investors.”


“Investors first want to know and see evidence that a farmer’s aspirations to own and operate a farm are sustainable,” explains Bert. “An investor was to see evidence that a farmer is invested in the process of securing a farm and that they are organised and committed to co-owning a farm.”


Bert will share with Cultivator participants how to communicate their understanding of business operations and show their understanding of the value of their proposed farm. How they will create and sustain value for the investor into the future. “The investor really wants to hear from a farmer the value of the asset, the design of the asset and if the asset is fit for purpose.”


“Our role for Cultivator is to share my expertise with farmers. We will be giving individual feedback to every farmer’s pitch and give them the knowledge and insight into an investor’s perspective to prepare them to be successful.”


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