How to ask a retiring farmer for their farm?

How to ask a retiring farmer for their farm?

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So, Sam was talking about this to some aspiring farmers the other day. How do you ask an old person for their farm! Here are ideas

1. Go into this not expecting you'll get it. Treat it like this is the first of 20 old farmers you're going to ask

2. Mention that you've loved being able to help him out and by doing that you've realised truck driving isn't your future and all you want to do it farm. And thank him for the opportunity 

3. Then, say you've found that there are different ways to get onto farms without having all the money and that you're now looking to chat with any farmer who might be willing to back you. Does he know of anyone looking to step back and might be up for a chat about their farming future 

4. Then after he has listed people's names (or no ones) say, "what are your plans for this farm, is there any way I could help you further" 

5. See what he says and maybe don't mention solutions yet, wait for him to mull over the idea and chat with him about specific in a few weeks. Or if he seems open, discuss vendor finance

How's that? If you think this is helpful, please share this to your facebook wall. Watch the video below to learn more: