Cultivator is your pathway to farm ownership

Cultivator is your pathway to farm ownership

Cultivate Farms
Aspiring farmers

We know that is a bold statement, but Cultivate Farms have been proving it is possible for aspiring farmers, who aren’t going to inherit a farm, to increase their prospects for farm ownership.

Make 2021 your year to get on the proven farm ownership pathway and sign up to Cultivator.

Cultivator is a proven farm ownership pathway for next-generation farmers. Over three months Cultivator gives you the tools and know-how to prove your skills and to dramatically increase your chances of finding a partner to co-own their farm.

We are hosting an online information session on Wednesday 16 of December at 10 am Melbourne time to find out about the next Cultivator starting in February 2021.

At the information session, you will hear from previous aspiring farmers who participated in the Cultivator program and are now on a farm or in negotiation with investors to co-own a farm.

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The Cultivator coach will share with you how preparing a pitch (business plan) and actively seeking farm ownership opportunities is the key to farm ownership. Your pitch is key to demonstrating to retiring farmers and investors that you are the best aspiring farmer to co-own a farm.

Aspiring farmers who desire to own their farm and complete the Cultivator program have the opportunity to pitch to the Cultivate Farms panel of farm investors.

Toby and Harriet are 2020 Cultivator Graduates and are currently in negotiation with a number of investors to expand their existing broadacre enterprise.  Toby will be speaking about his Cultivator experience.

Cultivator enabled Toby and Harriet to demonstrate high capital growth rates within their chosen farming area to the Cultivate Farm investors.  Their pitch presented how they are planning to scale their existing farm with a diversity of agricultural commodities and the value they will create for investors.  Importantly, they connected with investors to build a relationship sharing their passion for soil health and regenerative farming. 

Toby and Harriet describe themselves as; “motivated and driven farm entrepreneurs with the business skills necessary to drive this venture in a positive way both monetary and environmentally. We have built an agricultural business from the ground up already on our existing property. We are now ready to partner with an investor to scale up and build our wealth together.”

Cultivator is offered to any aspiring farmer in Australia, but the Cultivate Farms team have a particular focus on aspiring farmers in the Great Barrier Reef and specifically the Herbert Catchment. In addition to pitching to investors, the team will be working to take farm pitches to retirement-aged farmers who are willing to share ownership.

The Great Barrier Reefinance is funded by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

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