Cultivate place for agriculture and environment with business skills

Cultivate place for agriculture and environment with business skills

Cultivate Farms

Meet Grace. She is a champion of agriculture and the environment. Her ambition is to build a team who will secure revegetation investment to grow traditional food. Her business approach is to create partnerships between farmers and traditional owners. 

She believes that agriculture has a significant role in empowering First Nations Australians and creating sustainable food systems. 

Her vision for her farming enterprise sparked in 2018 while she was at University undertaking a bachelor of agriculture. She realised the potential for farmers to create meaningful connections with traditional land owner groups, the First Nation Australians. But she rarely explored it to its full potential. 

One of the challenges to realise her dream was the lack of skills and networks to bring in farm investors. She knows she needs to gain skills to pitch her project to investors. Grace said, “I have always worked out in the paddock where exactly what I need to do is very clear. Cultivator is the work of developing a concept for my farming business. The biggest learning curve has been figuring how to write things up and the financials.” 

Joining the Cultivator Program has helped her build the skills she needs, from writing, and preparing to pitching her idea and connecting with many interesting and knowledgeable people in the industry.  

Interested in hearing more about Grace’s farming enterprise?  Get in touch with us and we will connect you to Grace.

Do you also have a farming dream like Grace but feel the need to upskill and learn further? Let us help you fill the gap. We want to take the Cultivator journey with you; contact us to express your interest in joining Cultivator 7 today, and let’s get you farming.