Cultivate Farms to host shark tank style pitch event for farm ownership

Cultivate Farms to host shark tank style pitch event for farm ownership

Cultivate Farms
Aspiring farmers

Later this month, the latest Cultivator participants are going to pitch their farm business plans to a panel of experts and potential investors looking to partner with the aspiring farmers.

Everyone is invited.

The March 24 event is the crescendo of Cultivate Farm’s four-month farm pitching accelerator program where the aspiring farmers receive mentoring and business advice to develop a farm investment proposal to pitch a panel of experts and investors supplied by Cultivate Farms. Up to 10 of the best applications are then selected for presentation to the Cultivate Farms Investment Advisory Board.

“The event is open to potential farm investors, regional community champions, aspiring farmers and even retiring farmers,” says CEO of Cultivate Farms, Sam Marwood. “The only thing stopping farmers owning their land is themselves. We know there are people out there who could back you into farm ownership; you have to be on the front foot and develop your pitch”.

This will be the third pitch event for the program that has already realised the dreams of some of the participants. In 2017, the program successfully matched Claire Coates with an investor supplied by Cultivate Farms. As a result of meeting the investor and building a relationship, they are now the co-owners of Freeland Pork In Kyabram in northern Victoria.

“Cultivate teaches next generation and scaling farmers the skills to develop successful partnerships with investors. Using Claire as an example, we know that our model is a proven, realistic and successful way to get people farming on their own land”, Cultivate Farms CEO Sam Marwood said.

Farm ownership is out of reach for many next-generation farmers who aren’t going to inherit or don’t have the millions of dollars needed to buy-in. Many are now seeking alternative pathways to get their foot in the door.

“The traditional model of inheriting a farm or applying for a loan to buy a farm is not going to cut it for many farmers,” says  Sam “Cultivate Farms and Cultivator are offering serious farmers the skills of an entrepreneur to develop a partnership with investors. We know this is a proven, realistic and successful way to get people farming.”

On the panel will be the Rural Bank CFO and COO (Will Rayner), CEO of NFF (Tony Mahar)  to discuss the feasibility of the pitches with the aspiring farmers and the potential investors.

An agricultural industry veteran, Mahar has recently chalked up five years at NFF after holding the positions of Trade and Economics Manager and Deputy CEO. He has a tertiary qualification in agricultural commerce from Sydney University and a masters degree in industry policy from ANU.

“Supporting the next generation of farmers is something I’m quite passionate about”, said Tony Mahar.  “This event will demonstrate one of the latest ways young farmers are getting on the land, so I’m looking forward to hearing their ideas and discussing them with the extremely knowledgeable panel.”

To book a place for the session, please click here.  

Date: Wednesday, March 24

Time: 1pm - 3.30pm AEST

Format: Webinar

Applications for the next Cultivator program are now open. For more information or to apply, click here.