Cultivate Farms “Next Gen Farmers” Farm Ownership Blueprint

Cultivate Farms “Next Gen Farmers” Farm Ownership Blueprint

Cultivate Farms
Aspiring farmers, Investors

Calling all farmers in Australia who want to own their own farm or scale.

Is a lack of capital holding you back from achieving your farming dreams?

Would you like to partner with a like-minded investor to expand your farming footprint?

Find out about the Cultivate Farms 7 step formula to become “investment ready”, and how to pitch your proposal to investors, and make your farming dreams a reality!

BOOK NOW to reserve your tickets as seating is limited!

At this live and free online intensive workshop, you will:

  • Learn the proven “7 Step Investment Pitch” formula for your farm proposal to present to investors, (even if you have no experience at all!)
  • Identify your ideal farm and lifestyle (not just want you can afford now)
  • How to negotiate a farm purchase in a super-competitive real estate market
  • How to build a business model and investment proposition to match your farming goals
  • Learn what investors are looking for in a farm, how to uncover them and how to match yourself to their expectations
  • How to eliminate nervousness and lack of confidence in approaching investors 
  • How to become irresistible to impact focussed investors
  • Learn how you can pitch to a panel of impact investors at our exclusive National Cultivate Farms Investor Pitch event

BOOK NOW to reserve your tickets as seating is limited!

Thank you to the team at VRMBiologik who are partnering with Cultivate Farms to show the "next generation" of farmers that it is entirely possible to get their own farm simply by being investment-ready.

Here’s what other Cultivate Farms graduates (and new farm owners!) have to say  about this training:

"The Cultivator experience has been an exciting journey. Each week we worked with the Cultivator coach to get on track with our farm ownership dream. We put together a business plan, financials and then an actual pitch to investors.

When you are clear with yourself about the farm you want to own and the business, you can be clear and confident with investors. That clarity can spark an opportunity to form a relationship for a deal – if you are confident, they are confident.”

Toni Moloney, NSW


"Wow-what a journey it’s been!

Life has thrown us many challenges over the last couple of months, given us many excuses to just quit and give up, 2 kids with broken limbs (and a dog!) 20,000 acres of the crop to be sown, 100 calves to be fed but we didn’t give up!

Every time we wanted to quit (and there were a few of those moments let’s be honest) it just brought us more clarity and helped us come back even stronger, so to you our Cultivate Family, Thank you

To all of you, you have seen a raw side of us that not everyone gets the privilege to see and it’s thanks to each and every one of you that we kept going, your support and guidance has been priceless and we wish you all good luck in securing your dream farms!

Lastly to Adam, Sam, Tam and all our guest speakers - thank you for ALL the golden nuggets along the way and never losing faith in us even when we had! Your support has been unwavering, has definitely not gone unnoticed and is super appreciated."

Rick and Shaz, VIC


"Cultivate Farms is the best concept ever and is backed by an amazing crew of people who know what they are doing.

I’ve been involved, one way or another, with Cultivate farms for over a year. They have been an incredible support to me on my journey to farm ownership. Guiding me, encouraging me and helping me to develop the skills I need and build the networks that will bring my farm dreams to life.

Definitely get in touch with these guys - they are the real deal."

Rebecca Taylor, VIC