Collaborative Farming Presentation to Aspiring Farmers by Cultivate Farms

Collaborative Farming Presentation to Aspiring Farmers by Cultivate Farms

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Sam Marwood went to South Australia to give a presentation to aspiring farmers  of collaborative farming organized by Farming Together Program, Landcare Australia and the South Australian Government last November 2017. Watch the full video below:


We are here to say there is a way to get you on your farm. The first step on the pathway is to actually realise that you could own your farm. Without this hope, you won’t do the thinking or put in the effort needed to make it a reality. We’re telling you now that you can own your farm; it just might not be that you own 100% of the farm yourself.

Document your plan

Write down your farm dream. Where is it? What are you farming? What methods will you use? How will you drag yourself out of bed at 4 am? This step clarifies what you’re fighting for.

Are you hungry?

Is it what you wake up to do? Do you know how hard it will be? Have you got the right mindset?

Talk it out

Describe it and talk it out whenever you meet with anyone – having a burning passion you can describe to others is powerful and you never know what opportunities might come out of it.

Meet regularly with like-minded people

Meet up with other aspiring farmers and motivate each other

Farm Ready

Now that you are pumped to have your farm dreams back you need to ensure you are farm-ready. You need to show people you are ready by what you have been doing. But without the hope that you can be a farmer, you won’t do the work to get farm ready.


Do you have the skills to run the farm? What skills do you have and what skills do you need? Undertake an audit and if you don’t have the skills to match your dream, start learning. Jump online and find the courses available for that topic.


TAFE, uni, online courses

Work on farms

Family farms and corporate farms. AgDraft

Volunteer for a year

Hit up the richest farmers in the district and volunteer for a year

Lease land

Lease some land and build your herd and get your skills.

Social media

This is a really big opportunity for you. You need to start building a social media presence around your desire and ability to become a farmer. There are just so many advantages in doing this.

Attention: The reason I love social media and believe it to be so powerful is that this is where people’s attention is. And attention = opportunity.

What it is: What do I mean by social media:

1.      It is creating content and sharing it online

2.      Content that is relevant and practical that solves a problem, inspires, or connects people

3.      Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Podcasts

4.      Video, written, audio

All online: Attention nowadays is online. More specifically in your pocket. Everyone has a phone and everyone is on social media.

Audience: Look at you now, most people are scrolling through your phone, if not, you are keen to get on it and jump on social media. This is where attention is, and it is free to anyone.

Build audience: So if you become a content creator you can build an audience. With our audience lots of creative solutions are arising.

Attention = the opportunity to take their farming future into their own hands

What content to create: Document your journey. We are saying you don’t need to be the expert, you just need to document your journey.

Talk about your plans to become a farmer and your experiences getting farm ready. What works, what doesn’t, what you’re afraid of, what excites you, what you’re learning.

Then doors will open: People will see the passion and dedication you have and when they start following you.

Match making

Money and farms: There are people with money and farms and they would be willing to back you onto their farm, you can sit around and wait for us to find you opportunities, but we tell everyone that the fastest way (which still might be years) to get on your farm is to find your own. So we will find you, farms but the quickest way is for you to find your own.

Farm entrepreneur

Be an entrepreneur who is constantly hustling. Find as many different angles as you can to get yourself on your farm and pitch your vision and plan to anyone who will listen.

Be realistic

It might take 5-10 years away from being farm ready.

Hustle to find a retiring farmer

The aim is to get a farm before it goes on the market. Drive up driveways - Aim to drive down one farmers drive way a week. Meet retiring farmers at community events, sporting events, RSLs, saleyards. Go to farm auctions.

Know the landscape

You should know everything about everyone and where they will be moving and when and who is staying and who is in trouble. You should never say that you wish you knew a farm was going to be up for sale.

Real estate

Talk to real estate agents to help give you a lay of the land, or find farms that aren’t selling or people they know that might be looking to step away.

Farm advisors

Get to know some accountants, lawyers and bankers in your region – they have access and the trust of the retiring farmers and see who might be looking to step away.


Now that you have a big following, you can use that audience to help you find farm opportunities as well. Others can put the hard work in for you.


Put your story to the local media and get them to do an article or two on you and the state of farm transition in your area

Cultivate Farms

You could be in the running for a farm. Or if you pitch a farm we can help find the investor

Pitch farms

Once you find a farm, you need to pitch it. We have been told over and over by investors that you need to pull together a farm proposal. These investors are busy and don’t have the time to do the due diligence on all the proposals they get.

But if you came with a proposal about the farm, why you would invest if you were an investor, why you are the best farmer and show it can make a profit this will go a long way. This is our number one call to action for aspiring farmers. We have the template