Cultivate Farms Episode 72: Weekly Update

Cultivate Farms Episode 72: Weekly Update

Cultivate Farms

Cultivator - we are continuing to finalise how we can incubate 10 farmers over 6 months. It looks like the cost is going to be a maximum of $4000 per aspiring farmer. At the end, one out of the ten farmers will co-own their farm with the investor. Please register your interest by sending me an email

Finding more investors - we continue to have discussions with a range of investors and people connected to farm investors. It takes time to build relationships and get people thinking a little different to how they normally invest.

Self Managed Super Funds - I interviewed an expert in Self Managed Super Funds during the week and we have a video coming out soon with a stack of great information on how you can unlock your super to help buy your farm

Regional matchmaker - I spoke to a bloke from up north who is very interested in being a region-focused matchmaker. I have been trying to find people like him for a long time. People who see the potential in matchmaking and how they can create a business out of it. More on this soon.

Premium member webinar - preparing for tonight. We have Claire Coates, from Freeland Pork joining in with our premium members to unpack her journey of pitching her farm and being backed by an investor. There are still some spots available. We hold the seminars monthly.