Aspiring Farmers Working With Cultivate Farms

Aspiring Farmers Working With Cultivate Farms

Cultivate Farms
Aspiring farmers

Just this week, we received a copy of a letter that aspiring dairy farmers wrote to retiring farmers.


And now they are in discussions. Why not use this as a guide to writing your letter to a retiring farmer?


Contacting a retiring farmer might be the thing that open doors for any aspiring farmer who wants to own a farm.

"We are a dairy farming family that has spent the last six years managing dairies in Qld and NSW.

Every fortnight, for a long time, we have been receiving the Cultivate Farm farm opportunities emailed as an alert to us.


One day I received the email again and decided that today was the day that instead of scrolling past, I would contact Sam from Cultivate Farms and start a conversation.


This was a couple of months ago, and since then, we have been working with “Cultivate Farms”. Cultivate Farms help aspiring farmers, like us, work towards the goals of owning a farm.


Like many young farmers these days, buying a property seems like an unattainable dream. However, since we have started working with Sam Marwood, he has opened our eyes to the many other farm ownership pathways that are possible.


My husband and I are currently managing a 1200 cow dairy in Upper Manilla. Our current employers are grain farmers that lease the property, taking advantage of the 14 pivots to grow grain and silage crops.


As part of the property owner’s agreement to lease the land, our employer purchased the 1800 hd of Holsteins and agreed to continue dairying.


We have spent the last 15 months successfully running this operation for someone that doesn’t understand just how intensive dairying is.


Due to this, my husband and I have finally had enough of managing other people properties and are looking for our operation. We are looking for somewhere where our hard work and dedication builds up our business.


Before our current farm, we also managed the following:

600 cows 21 swing over Dairy – Rosalie Plains (Darling Downs Qld)

350 cows 50 bail Rotary – Kandanga (Mary Valley Qld)

300 cows 22 swing-over dairy – Dagun (Mary Valley Qld)


We want to meet retiring farmers and investors would be interested in working towards a farm ownership pathway other than a full purchase.


We would appreciate hearing from you if you have any ideas about farm ownership pathways. We would like to discuss our ideas about how we can work with you to build a successful farming enterprise."