Are you going to die waiting for your family farm to be handed to you?

Are you going to die waiting for your family farm to be handed to you?

Cultivate Farms

A big fear we have for so many aspiring farmers is that they are going to waste their lives waiting for their parents to hand them their farm.

Inheriting a farm is the main way farms are transitioned between the generations and it is a brilliant thing. It is the foundation of our farming communities. However, we have heard, and no doubt you have heard, of many stories where an aspiring farmer waited for years, decades to finally get a hold of the family farm.

Not to mention the complications that come with sharing ownership or selling portions to their siblings to make sure it is a fair option.

So we wanted to encourage anyone who has the potential of inheriting their family farm to not put all their farm dreams in the one basket. Make sure you have a handful of options that you are continually working on.

You don’t want to get to a point where you lose your passion for farming or run out of energy when the farm is finally handed to you. Life is too short!

You should be using your time to build relationships with neighbouring farmers, go and work for them and build relationships and have the mindset that if that farmer wants to back you, that you would be wiling to jump farms and make that farm your farm.

Thinks about the equity that you will be inheriting, rather than the farm itself. How could you plan around that equity to back you onto another farm somewhere else?

Would you cut ties completely and think about your farm ownership pathway independent of the farm you could inherit. That could be really freeing for you. To operate like so many other aspiring farmers who aren’t going to inherit their farm, who are out there hunting for farm opportunities. That mindset could be really positive and open your mind to a lot of opportunities that you might have been blind to.

Just some ideas to think about. We want you on your farm.