Farmer Profile

Shane Hooper

Shane Hooper

 South Australia
Western SA, Northern SA, Adelaide
 Contract wool classer, crutcher, lamb marker, fencer. Aiding with running of family farm. Principle Flinders Edge Wagyu. Family farm book keeper
 *Manager Wallerberdina Stn (cattle) *Overseer Willalooka Pastoral Company (Sheep & cattle) *Mimited Feedlot worker (cattle) *Various farm + sales jobs

 10-15 Years

Farming Preferences:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Sheep 4
  • Beef 3
  • Chickens 3
  • Specialty Crops 3
  • Broad Acre Cropping 3
  • Other livestock 2
  • Goats 2
  • Viticulture 2
  • Market garden 1
  • Dairy 1
  • Other Farming Preferences: None

Farming Skills:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Livestock Mustering 4
  • Animal Husbandry 4
  • Sales 4
  • Planning 4
  • Fencing 4
  • Business Management 3
  • Cropping 3
  • Human Resources 3
  • Marketing 3
  • Machinery Operation 3
  • Accounting 3
  • Book Keeping 3
  • Agronomy 2
  • Orcharding 1
  • Other Farming Skills: None

Farming Methods:

1 = no skill level, 4 = most skill level

  • Biodynamic 4
  • Regenerative 4
  • Grass fed 4
  • Conventional 3
  • Organic 3
  • Permaculture 3
  • Urban 1
  • Other Farming Methods: Holistic Grazing

Farm Opportunities Sought:

  • Equity
  • Lease
  • Share Farm
  • Vendor Finance

What have you been doing to get farm ready?

I have done the ground work in all aspects of sheep work with farm experience, contractors and private work. I also have significant on farm experience with cattle and cropping.

Why are you passionate about farming?

Growing up I really didn't appreciate living on a farm and what the country had to offer. The city didn't take long to lose its appeal so I started my professional farm life as a stationhand. I have since travelled right across SA + northern NSW working my way up the food chain and honing my skills. Among my career highlights thus far include my management role at Wallerberdina Stn and obtaining my AW Woolclassing Stencil. My focus interests include regenerative land management, quality fine wool and scale niche meat production.

Best days of being a farmer:

It's the end of the second week of shearing. The last of the mob are quietly baaing as they tussle for their spot at the trough. From the shed can be heard a subtle click of cans being opened after a job well done. A semi stacked to the brim with fine wool gently kicks up a cloud of dust as it turns out the gate. The dream is seeing looking at the sign on that gate and seeing.. "Flinders Edge" S + A Hooper