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Your Farm Ownership Pathway

We know that the ability for the next generation of farmers to own a farm is nearly impossible because the Cultivate Farms team are aspiring farmers. Farms aren’t going to get cheaper and most people aren’t going to be wealthy enough to purchase a farm. So we have developed Cultivate Farms to match the best next generation farmers with those how have the land and/or the funds to farm.

Together, Cultivate Farms works with aspiring farmers to develop a farm ownership pathway plan. We develop specific solutions to help you to get onto your dream farm based on your skills, situation, farming preferences and location.

The Cultivate Farms team are also finding farm ownership opportunities across the country and investors to back aspiring farmers.

Our focus is ensuring that any aspiring farmer we match has ownership of the land and/or business. We know ownership is key for aspiring farmers and this is what we deliver.

We will ensure that you are equity owner (with as little as 1%), receive a wage and annual incentives, and have the ongoing support of farming experts.

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Pitch a Farm to Investors

We have developed the Farm Pitching Template for anyone to download for free. We believe in the power of aspiring famers taking their future into their own hands and taking farm investment opportunities to investors. But unless you have written down your proposal we can’t help you take this to investors. So download, find a farm to pitch and let’s get cracking.

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