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You Can Own A Farm

We know how hard it is for a young family to find the capital required to own and operate their own farm - so we started Cultivate Farms. We want to rejuvenate regional Australia by putting farming back up the top of the career list for anyone.

We connect a young farming family
With a retiring farming family
And Investors
To own and operate a farm together

How It Works

Step 1 Register
Register as an Aspiring Farmer
Step 2 Get Ready
Build your farm skills to get yourself farm-ready
Step 3 Farm
Together we find you your dream farm.


We have the best farmers in Australia ready to work with you on your farm.
Simply browse the list and decide who you want to work with. No registration required and your information will be kept private.

Retiring Farmers

Are you looking for a positive way to step back from your farm?
We can connect you with a passionate aspiring farming family who will love your farm just as much as you do. No registration required and your information will be kept private

Aspiring Farmers:

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Land access is a major barrier to growing more farmers, and we Jonai are really excited to see the development of things like Cultivate Farms - creative ways to assist young or emerging farmers onto land!
— Tammi Jonai, Jonai Farms, Daylesford Victoria
Cultivate Farms can offer an opportunity to put people with the skills and ambition, with either a farming family looking to transition into retirement or for someone who doesn't have the skills but has capital and wants somewhere safe to invest.
— Hugh Wescott, aspiring farmer, Conclurry Queensland
We both like the idea that Cultivate Farms could have the ability to get more young people into small rural areas. We both love rural Australia and think it's a shame so many areas are dying, as less young people take on family farms.
— Elliot Noon and Hamilton Mitchell, aspiring farmers, Carthool NSW

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